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Alexandrines are mainly fruit and vegetable eaters.... They love to eat a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables.

You dont really have to worry about their seed intake as they will eat all the fruit and veges you can give them. They are a bit like the "Chooks of the Parrot World" in that they will eat almost everything you put in their bowl. (never give parrots avocado as it is toxic)

They have large beaks and love to chew. Give them lots of pine cones in their cage and this will keep them occupied for hours shredding the pine cones.

Alexandrine Parrots are highly intelligent parrots and are great talking parrots. They can say many phrases and are very clear talkers.

Alexandrine Parrots are very fast flyers, therefore you need to be careful when they first start to fly. They take off very fast and can cause themselves an injury by flying into your glass windows, so make sure you have curtains on your windows until your pet Alexandrine Parrot knows its way around the house.

Alexandrines love to cuddle and snuggle. Even though they have very strong beaks they are generally very gentle.

You may find that a young Alexandrine parrot will test you out when you first get him home. He may try and lunge at you or appear scary, however this is all bluff. Just gain his trust and you will have a loyal companion parrot for years.