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Eclectus Parrots


  • Eclectus parrots are mainly fruit and vegetable eaters. Seed is also important, however it is essential that your eclectus parrot has fresh fruit and vegetables on a daily basis. They also love cooked vegetable mash. Just cook some extra vegtables up when you are cooking your own meal and give them to your eclectus parrot warmed up in a mash


  • Eclectus parrots are intelligent birds and loving birds. They love attention and cuddles, however they also like to spend time roaming around exploring the house.

  • Eclectus parrots can be rather clumsy flyers as they are quite heavy, and often the dimensions of rooms don?t allow for their turning circle. There may be a few ?crashes? until they work out the lay out of the room. Close your curtains until your eclectus parrot works out the dimensions of the room, otherwise he/she may end up flying straight into the glass. OUCH

  • It is best to establish a pattern or routine early on that the bird can more or less rely on. For example, you may wish to let your eclectus parrot out first thing in the morning whilst you prepare breakfast for a play, then let your eclectus  parrot out when you come home from work for a fly around and a play. Or you may want to bring your eclectus parrot out when you are quiet and sitting watching TV. We have found that our Eclectus parrot, Big Ted loves motor racing programs and gets quite excited, however falls asleep if watching a girlie flick.

  • Once your baby bird gets used to this type of routine it will learn that these periods are its play time with you and that for other periods during the day it will occupy itself without out making demands on you.

  • Whilst in the cage provide stimulating toys...For example, fresh branches with nuts or seeds on them bottlebrush, banksia pine cones, pandanus nuts, gum nuts, branches with bark still hanging, blocks of wood, (not treated) and source out children?s rattles and baby toys from op shops and garage sales. Woven cane baskets are also a good source of fun when hung in the cage. The list in endless for a variety of good stimulating and cheap toys.

  • Eclectus parrots tend to have a strong grip and sharp claws. You can get them clipped which makes handling them easier,  however I find that when you have your bird out wear on ?old mans? shirt, flannelette or heavy cotton  and that will stop your skin from being scratched to pieces. Also saves your better clothes from being ?pooped on? just before you are going out.   

  • We have raised boys and girls....... We find that they are just the most gentlest, kindest and sweetest natured pet birds you may ever find....They will tolerate a lot of roughing up and still come back for more. They will interact with you just like a young dog or cat...... They will tug at your clothes... chew up your best beaded slippers and rip your glasses off your face when you are trying to create websites or answer emails.

  • Some say that the female eclectus parrots are not as gentle, however, here at Emerald Aviaries we are working hard to rebut that claim.Our girls get extra attention and extra cuddles and we have found that they respond positively.

  • Eclectus parrots love showers, and just love a good heavy spray every couple of days or so....Being tropical birds this also helps to keep the humidity up and stop their skin from drying out too much.

  • Eclectus parrots can be prone to feather plucking from time to time. We have found that rubbing Aloe Vera gel onto the effected areas seems to help. It tastes awful, and also should sooth any skin irritations that your bird may have....of course there are other reasons for feather plucking.... however we find this helps.

  • Eclectus parrots are great talkers, and often say the most appropriate phrases.... One day when our scaley breasted lorikeet flew into the room where our Eclectus Parrot "Big Ted" was sitting, he sat up and clearly said "OH NO"... another occassion the lorikeet was "shaping up" to Big Ted and he made himself as big as he could and said  "Come On"....You get the picture that Big Ted and the Scaley are not the best of mates...

  • We would recommend an Eclectus Parrot "Ekkie" for any adult person who  is willing to spend time each day with their mate. 

Cheers Karen