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  1. Should I buy an unweaned baby bird?

    Short Answer - No

    The timing of the weaning of a hand raised bird is different for each little baby. Whilst the babies are being weaned they are kept in a group with their siblings or other baby birds.This helps them to establish themselves within a group and interact socially with ohter birds. This is a very important time for the baby bird to learn appropriate biride behaviour.

    If you remove them from their little birdie mates too early you are not allowing them to fully develop their interaction skills.

    Once they are fully weaned then they are in a better position to interact with their human carers in a confident and outgoing manner.

    Letting the baby bird remain with its social gorup untill fully weaned will make no difference to its ability to bond to its new human companion. In actual fact it will be a better companion parrot as it will not be so clingly and more confident in its surroundings.

    Apart from the above, if a bird is sold unweaned then you could encounter numerous health issues which may see you with expensive vet bills and unfortunately a dead baby bird.


  2. What about wing clipping, What are the pros and cons?

    Answer: Yes and No

    The best outcome for you and your companion parrot is to have fully flighted wings. You and your companion parrot will experience great joy and great fun if he/she remains fully flighted.

    You can train your bird easily to fly to and from you, You can enjoy watching your bird skillfully navigate the rooms in your house. Watching your bird enjoy full flight is a wonderfull thing for you and your bird.

    However, if you live in a house with young children or forgetfull spouses who are always leaving the doors open, then perhaps a carefull wing clip will be advised. Better to have a clipped bird than a lost bird.

    It is always best to see your breeder or your vet for the inital wing clip.

    If you have patience you can always try a bird harness. There are many available on thenet. We recommend the Aviator Harness as the easiest one to use

  3. Should I get a Boy or a Girl?

    Answer: Depends

    Almost guaranteed, a boy will hump your hand in spring. If this doesn't bother you then that is fine.

    In spring the girls will most likely lay some eggs. Just remove them and she will forget about them.

    In most of the bigger birds that we keep,, such as the Galahs, Alexandrines, Eclectus, Corellas etc there is no difference in the talking ability of a boy or a girl. There will be differences between some of the species in relation to types of interactions with their human carers.

    For example, the boy Eclectus is such a sook and the girl Eclectus can be more demanding, but an equally wonderfull companion.

    Even in lorikeets, both boys and girls will talk.

    A cockatiel however has to be a male if you want him to imitate speech. We find however that most of the year the girl  cockatiel is a more placid companion parrot.

    In the end no matter whether you have a boy or a girl you will love him or her as a wonderfull little mate in their own way.


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