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A few weeks ago I noticed my favourite "Scaley" had commenced plucking her abdomen. Knowing what a lunatic Scaley usually is and her active little character, I knew it wasnt from boredom.

Plucking can also be a sisgn of irritation or soreness. Upon closer inspection her abdomen appeared swollen and there was some blood around her vent.

In hindsight I also realised that she had been straining when passing poop.....SOOO off to the vets.

Have a look  at what he found......... inside her was a "cloacalith"...... in other words a stone located in side her cloaca.!!!!!! It was 15 mm wide.....It would be the equivalent of a human having a rock the size of a rockmelon inside our abdomen. No wonder she was in such trouble..

We dont know what caused the formation of the stone at this stage, however we are very grateful to our vet in Coffs Harbour and his wonderfull staff for the great job they have done.

Scaley came through the operation and is recovering well. Her stiches are sooooo neat and she doesnt seem to be suffering at all. She is now back to her usual mad mad self. Finders crossed she will make a full recovery.

For a great vet who has a genuine interest in birds on the Mid North Coast see:

Mat Grabovszky at Rose Ave Veterinary Hospital, Coffs Harbour

PH  02 6652 1566


Cheers Karen