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GALAHS - West Australian


  • Galahs have to be one of the scalliwags of the Australian parrot/cockatoo family, having an extremely inquisitive behaviour which can be best described as playfully mischevious!  As a result they make great sociable indoor pets with soft and cuddly feathers, who love attention, head scratching and finding new exciting toys to play and interact with around you. 

  • As babies, Galahs go through a very noisy 'toddler' period during the first 9-10 weeks after hatching and then once they are weaned and no longer see you as their main "food source", change and become a very inquisitive and cuddly companion.
  • A well cared for Galah will outlive your average dog or cat and really are a little mate for life

  • Galahs are scattered across Australia, however our little mates are of the Western Australian variety which are noted for their beautifully soft rose-coloured "caps" and lighter plummage when compared to the Eastern Galahs with white "caps". 


  • Galahs are playful, inquisitive and intelligent birds, who possess a constant demand for affection.  We try to provide our baby birds with a good management program to prevent them from running a muck (much like a young puppy) - establishing a regular routine early on that the bird can learn to count on. 
  • For example, you may wish to let your galah out first thing in the morning whilst you prepare breakfast for a fly around the house, then let your galah out when you come home from work for a fly around and a good ole play. Once the Galah becomes accustomed to this type of routine it will learn that these periods are its play time with you and that for other periods during the day it must occupy itself without out making demands on you.
  • Whilst the galah is in its cage be sure to provide it with different types of toys that it can play and chew on. In saying this, it is usually the toys you source yourself rather than bought ones that the galah will get the most enjoyment out of.  For example, fresh branches with nuts or seeds on them bottlebrush, banksia cones, pandanus nuts, gum nuts, branches with bark still hanging, blocks of wood, (not treated) and source out children?s rattles and baby toys from op shops and garage sales. Woven cane baskets are also a good source of fun when hung in the cage. The list in endless for a variety of good stimulating and cheap toys. 
  • We find that both the girls and boys make good talkers as well. 
  • The biggest mistake with a Galah, as with most birds, is to let it rule the roost. Make sure your pet bird has a set routine and don?t just let it have the run of the house. Don?t let it continually sit on the curtain rails or anywhere that is above your head. One rule in the bird world is, if it is above your head it is the ?top bird?. You must be the TOP BIRD at all times!


Galahs as very very soft and powdery. They just love to be scratched all day.... in fact your fingers will wear out before they get tired of being scratched.