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  • Lorikeets are the CLOWNS of the bird world...They just love to roll around the floor with small balls, especially if they have a bell inside. You can buy these little light balls form pet shops and reject shops quite cheaply.

  • Hang a variety of ropes and plastic chains in their cage for them to clamber along and hang upside down from. Lorikeets seem to spend sooo much time hanging upside down I doubt that they know which is the right way up!!..

  • Woven cane baskets are also a good source of fun. You can place freshly cut flowers in the baskets and the lorikeets can roll in the flowers and eat them at the same time.....sooo delightful.

  • Always have a large dish of water available as they love to have a bath and a splash around each day. They also love to come into the shower with you as well.... Give them a little shower then they are usually contented to sit on the shower rail and preen themselves while you finish your shower in peace....Watch out whilst you are drying  off though..they are likely to land on your bare skin with they sharp little claws....ouch.

  • Just like all birds...establish a routine early on that the bird can count on. Let your bird out around the same times each day and they will look forward to their special time with you and occupy themselves the rest of the day.

  • If your lorikeet becomes a "bit nippy", don't be put off. Usually the lorikeet is letting you know that he doesn't like something you are doing. Best thing is to observe what the lorikeet is objecting to and modify your play. Do something else that the lorikeet enjoys.

  • Make sure that your lorikeet is challenged with some "work" . When he comes out of the cage go through a routine such as "step up commands" "Shake Hands" swing upside down...etc. If you do these on a routine basis he will soon stop being nippy as he has other things to think of.

  • Lorikeeets are recommended for people who have "hard floors" as their poops are a bit messy. You need to be able to wipe them up easily.

We recommend lorikeets for teenagers and oldies.....and oldies who are still really teenagers at heart....

Happy swinging.....